Sunday, March 9, 2014


So we had another very disappointing mid 80s and sunny weekend ;) I'm not going to lie, I do wish we had a little more of a winter than we have this year...I didn't say I miss shoveling, or sitting in front of a heater to thaw out my hands...but we've had such a warm winter where we normally have a but cooler weather to at least feel a climate change.  Not this year!!

Raya, being born the CA girl she is LOVES being outside whenever she can. I was about to fill up her little backyard plastic tub and found a big crack in it :( so we filled up her water table and she had lots of fun with that!

Thursday, February 13, 2014


This is what happens when daddy does bathtime! Thankfully Tim does most of the bathtimes which gives me the shortest 10 minutes of my life to myself and then I do book time/bedtime which seems like the longest 20-30 minutes if my day ;) 

Raya loves her bathtime though, she thinks it's a mini swimming pool and we end up just as wet as her sometimes!

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Forward facing!

Since before Christmas I've been wanting to clean Rayas car seat out.  So much snack dust and MIA goldfish were in the seat that it needed a good clean up.

Yesterday I finally had the chance to do it an I am sorry I didn't take a picture of the stuff that came falling out when I took it out and turned it upside down on the sidewalk, goldfish, dried up peas, crumbles of animal crackers, etc...

Thank goodness for our vacuum!! So Raya had been still rear facing and the law is one year and 20 pounds.  She's reached both of those but it is advised to keep kids rear facing until two.  Since Raya is now just a couple months shy of that and we thought she was ready for several reasons we decided to install her car seat facing forward when I put it back in.

Today was her first ride and I'm pretty sure she enjoyed her new view and I REALLY enjoyed how much easier it was to pass stuff to her and see her.  Raya usually falls asleep for her nap in the car seat, I was worried with so much more to look at she would stay awake but like clockwork she fell asleep on the way home from our errands and transferred to her crib with no problem, phew...yay!!

As much as this signifies she is definitely getting older it's ok I enjoy the forward facing so much better :)

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Jungle Bells

With Raya sick the week and a half prior to leaving for our Christmas vacation I didn't get to take advantage of some of the holiday spirit around town that I had wanted to.  At the San Diego Zoo they stay open late and have lights and shows.

Thankfully it was still going in when we got back into town.  Tim had a wedding at the Zoo so I decided to bring Raya to night Jungle Ball Zoo to check it out.  Although Santa wasn't there anymore to visit with we saw so much more!  The giraffes were getting ready for bedtime, the elephants and rhino were eating and we even saw some monkeys hanging out.

Raya was still on east coast time so she faded pretty early, we stopped by for a quick visit over to where Tim's wedding was and then she was passed out by the time we got to the car.  Easy bedtime for me...

Not so easy waking up early because her body clock is still adjusting :(. All well worth it though!!

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Pillow time?

So Raya has become accustomed to a very bad habit over the past month or two... Somewhere between 12:30-2 AM she wakes up, stands in the corner of the crib and kinda whines until I go get her.  To avoid waking Tim I usually bring her into the guest room lay her down next to me and within seconds she falls back asleep.  Only problem is if I try to lay her back in her crib she's too smart and will wake back up again.  I realize it's not a good habit to let her sleep with me but like everything else I'm sure this is just a phase and will pass too...and she isn't going to want to have sleepovers with mommy the rest of her life so ill take them now :)

Recently in the morning she will wake up but find a comfy spot on my pillow and fall back asleep.  We don't have a pillow in her crib yet so maybe I need to get one and she will be more comfy resting we tired head in her very own pillow at night ;)

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

A little face paint

Lots if catching up to do but trying to add some new stuff in the world if Raya :)

At Stroller Strides today after class we were treated to a magic show, with face painting and balloon animals by a local magic shop that opened.  Raya was great and sat to get a purty butterfly in her face and patiently waited for her balloon doggie ;)

Fun morning followed by a 2 hour nap for her, I'll take it!! When I actually get to shower before 8 PM and even fold clothes gasp....successful day ;)

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Happy Pumpkin Halloween

Well Halloween has come and gone and before it even came the stores were ready for Christmas so I guess we have to be now too ;)

This year Halloween was no different at our house, 400 kids, Tim did the house up with music, lights and fog...except we got to trick or treat which we haven't done in at least 20 years!!  Of course we were chaperoning Raya while she went to a few neighbors doors but it brought back the excitement of when I was a kid and rang doorbell after doorbell.

Zara already had a pumpkin costume so when I saw the little girl pumpkin costume it was a no brainer...then I found adult pumpkin tshirt a and tights for me that matched and voila...we ended up being a pumpkin patch family :)

A few friends have girls about the same age as Raya and they came over to trick or treat with Raya.  I was quite shocked that with just a small amount of guidance they knew what to do at each house and didn't dump all the candy out if the bucket, it was really quite cute!

We attended a friends pumpkin carving costume party the week before which was quite fun and who knew that stencils make all the difference in the world when carving a pumpkin...Tim's looked like he should have won some carving contest ;).  Raya had her skeleton Jammie's for that since we knew she'd fall asleep on the way home. She was a little spooked at the skeletons and goblins which we expected since she's so aware of her surroundings now.

A friend took this picture, which is why it looks a lot better than all my iPhone pics, my sweet happy little pumpkin!  Next year what will it be...princess, Minnie Mouse, witch, well have to wait and see :)